The Convention @ National Park



Our Regional Convention was held this past weekend in Georgetown, Guyana. It was a history-making convention because 3 – THREE- from the Bartica congregation were baptized, and simultaneously at that!  Literally, they were all submerged at the same time, making things diff for those of us on the photographer’s end. So now they can forever boast that the three of them were baptized together, and mean it to the fullest extent.  Managed a couple individual shots of each:









So a triple baptism was a definite highlight, and another was the proliferation of sari-clad sisters!  I was sari-eyed at the array of color, the jewels, the graceful flow of the fabric.  If you weren’t wearing a sari, I feel sari for you! ;)



The weather was mild and overcast for the first two days, the perfect climate to set up a blanket in the grass and feed your hungry baby.


Samantha & Joshua


It was, as always, great to see those serving in the far-flung corners of Guyana and converge with them for 3 days.  Below are sisters Diane & JoAnne…



…and Sabrina, who serves in a remote area of the country called Mabaruma.


Sabrina & Isabella, or Isabrinella

We had to have a little Bartica reunion whilst mingling…



And yes, be it 90 degrees or higher, we don’t forsake our morning coffee!  This picture didn’t capture our to-go cups, but we clutched them in hand as the morning sesh began.


We are so delighted to have 3 new sisters at our hall, two of whom I have had the privilege of studying with for just over 2 years.




We couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a family photo.  This one was snapped right after we bought plantain chips. Yum.



Regional Convention – Georgetown, Guyana – July 11-13, 2014



Back in the Saddle


The sun warmed my back from the plane’s window as soon as we touched down on a remote airstrip in Guyana.  What a relief to be back in a country where your toes are never cold and “chilly” is a foreign word.

First order of business: Coffee at “Rituals”  - which in no way bears any resemblance to a coffee shop chain you may know of in the States… ;)



It was back to Bartica straightaway for Roman, Isabella, and myself.  Friday was our first day back out in the ministry, where the whiter-than-ever fields remain abundant and ready for harvesting!





So glad to see my girls Onika and Omega again!

Yes, they are this cute in person.

Yes, they are this cute in person.


On Sunday we dined on pancakes with bananas and a cane-sugar glaze and played beauty parlor before the meeting.




I'm glad someone knew what to do with my hair.

I’m glad someone knew what to do with my hair.


So we are back in Bartica, back to the equator, where days begin with hyperactive chickens squawking and end with weird sandal-stenciled tan lines on your feet.  At least our feet are always warm. :)






The Convention @ Miller Park


It was awesome to attend my first convention with an attendance of 30,000+!  The Regional Convention held at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 20-22nd truly had an international flavor, and I was ridiculously giddy


kind of excited about meeting delegates from Tanzania, Nigeria, and those serving in foreign fields in the US!


Meeting Wendy, who serves with her hubby in Tanzania.


Do not be fooled by my calm & collected expression.

Do not be fooled by my calm & collected expression.


These sisters live in Minnesota but originally hail from Nigeria.

These sisters live in Minnesota but originally hail from Nigeria.


Awesome to meet Rachelle, currently serving in the Karen field in Tennessee.

Awesome to meet Rachelle, currently serving in the Karen field in Tennessee.



Had to get a pic with Sari-clad Michaela, who served in Guyana for 3 months last winter.

Milwaukee delivered its typical June-uary weather, but we did form a little Umbrella Village when the sun extended it’s warming rays for a  few precious hours!


We heard stirring first-person accounts of those serving in far-flung corners of the globe, like this sister who had lived in the Congo and related how the congregation supported & protected her during perilous times of war.


It was great to see familiar faces too…













Our Regional in Georgetown, Guyana is set to commence this Friday, July 11th.   Looking forward to it with gleeful anticipation a lot!


Publisher Profile: Angelica

 Today, we cross a new threshold here at Guyana Glimpses with the start of a new series: Publisher Profile!

Publisher Profile is sequence of posts that will be featured regularly on this blog.  Each post will include a candid, one-on-one interview with a publisher, as well as photos of him or her  in action!  Our first publisher to mark the debut of this new series is Angelica!


Angelica was baptized in August of 2012 and has been a wonderful asset to our congregation ever since.  She never misses a meeting, is super-regular in field service, and never far from her side is her energetic daughter Sholanna.  You could almost call Sholanna Angie’s shadow since the two of them are never far apart.  It’s so beautiful to see mom and daughter serving Jehovah side by side!


So without further ado, here is my interview with the lovely Angelica!

Q:  How did you come to learn about Jehovah?

A:  My Mom studied the Bible when I was growing up, and as she progressed, she would take us to the meetings.  It was through my Mom that I learned about Jehovah and his qualities.  It wan’t until 2008 that I personally began studying the Bible.

Q:  What made you want to serve Jehovah?

A:  The love I experienced from the brothers and sisters, especially the sister who studied with my Mom. She’s in Trinidad now. I learned about how merciful Jehovah is, and that is still my favorite quality of his.  I’m glad to know I serve such a merciful God.

Q:  What challenges have you faced?

A: Before becoming a witness I struggled with my own personal weaknesses.  I used to be angry a lot, and I had a difficult time controlling my tongue.

Q:  Really? You?  I find that hard to believe!

A: Yes!  I used to always say exactly what was on my mind without thinking. I love the scripture at James 3:8 that states that not one man can tame the tongue, because it helped me to see that my struggle is the same one that all of us face.

Q:  What blessings have you received?

A: So many! Both spiritual and material. It’s a blessing to be a part of Jehovah’s organization, a blessing to know and understand the Bible, and to help my daughter to love Jehovah.  No matter what I ask Jehovah for, he gives it to me.  The spiritual blessings come right away; if I ask Jehovah for something to aid me spiritually, he answers that prayer in no time at all.  But sometimes the material blessings take a little more time.  Still, Jehovah always answers my prayers.  Since being baptized I haven’t missed one assembly or convention.  I tell my husband (who is not a witness) that however much money he gives me to attend the convention or assemblies, Jehovah will repay him double that amount.  And Jehovah always does, every time.

Q:  Wow!  Seriously?

A: Yes.  Double, every time.

Q:  What is your favorite society publication?

A:  The Prodigal Returns DVD.  I love the way the father deals with his son so humbly and patiently.  And I love the Walk by Faith DVD.

Q:  What is your favorite scripture?

A:  Psalm 34:8 which says, “Taste and See that Jehovah is good.” It really is true – everything I ask Jehovah for, he gives me, and I have seen that he is good.  And Isaiah 65:21 which states, “They will build houses and live in them, and they will plant vineyards and eat their fruitage.”

Q:  Do you realize that both of your favorite scriptures have to do with food or tasting?

A: (laughing) I never noticed that!


Angelica in Action:



 Sholanna in action:




Angelica, Sholanna, Vivica, and Samantha

Angelica, Sholanna, Vivica, and Samantha

Thanks, Angelica, for your wonderful and encouraging experience!  Who will be the next interviewee on Publisher Profile?  Check back soon to find out!

A Guyanese Baby!


It is my pleasure to announce the Samantha finally had her baby boy on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014!


Her hubby Rawl called me at about one in the afternoon to tell me she’d delivered and I scurried over to the hospital to see both Mom and baby, and for the first time hold a baby that is only hours old!

Samantha was the very picture of health and radiated that new-mother glow, and after she’d told me about her labor and delivery, she looked at me with her enormous saucer eyes and said,

“I had really wanted to come out in field service this morning, but I just couldn’t make it….”

I laughed when she said this, and was truly touched by this comment.  I assured her that childbirth was a valid reason for not meeting the group.

The little guy has yet to be named, since Samantha is waiting for her husband to do the honors.


Welcome, Baby X!  We look forward to getting to know you on a first-name basis!


A Guyanese Baby Shower!

ImageOk so in truth, this Baby Shower couldn’t have been more American.  We had chocolate cake with sprinkles.  We played Pin-the-tie-on-the-baby.  We gathered as a group of women to discuss childbirth.

None of these things are commonly done in Guyana – in fact, a sister who enthusiastically responded when I mentioned the shower said she had never attended one before in her life!  So although it may be more of an American tradition, this Baby Shower happened in Bartica – maybe for the first time ever – and so I dub it “A Guyanese Baby Shower!”

Read more…

Memorial 2014: Fe’s Edition

Originally posted on BJ & FE SCOTT - VOYAGE TO GUYANA...and beyond:

As you may have guessed this post is about the memorial. But aside from us commemorating Jesus death, we’re also celebrating g our first memorial in our new Kingdom Hall. Sufficed to say it was a great effort in preparing g for this annual celebration. Our small congregation of 35 publishers had to reach not only the residents of central Bartica during the invitation campaign, but also the outlying areas that expanded some 4 square miles. For that reason the elder body. Decided to hold two memorial celebrations, one at 6PM and one at 7:30PM. The congregation was split in half and assigned a specific time to go, to leave room for the many invited guests. One such guests was Nellie. Nellie, an older woman contacted during the campaign had a genuine interest in coming to the memorial, however, due to her age and health, had great difficulty walking, but…

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