A Guyanese Baby Shower!

ImageOk so in truth, this Baby Shower couldn’t have been more American.  We had chocolate cake with sprinkles.  We played Pin-the-tie-on-the-baby.  We gathered as a group of women to discuss childbirth.

None of these things are commonly done in Guyana – in fact, a sister who enthusiastically responded when I mentioned the shower said she had never attended one before in her life!  So although it may be more of an American tradition, this Baby Shower happened in Bartica – maybe for the first time ever – and so I dub it “A Guyanese Baby Shower!”

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Memorial 2014: Fe’s Edition

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As you may have guessed this post is about the memorial. But aside from us commemorating Jesus death, we’re also celebrating g our first memorial in our new Kingdom Hall. Sufficed to say it was a great effort in preparing g for this annual celebration. Our small congregation of 35 publishers had to reach not only the residents of central Bartica during the invitation campaign, but also the outlying areas that expanded some 4 square miles. For that reason the elder body. Decided to hold two memorial celebrations, one at 6PM and one at 7:30PM. The congregation was split in half and assigned a specific time to go, to leave room for the many invited guests. One such guests was Nellie. Nellie, an older woman contacted during the campaign had a genuine interest in coming to the memorial, however, due to her age and health, had great difficulty walking, but…

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The Baptism of Patrina & David – Our Assembly


April 12th & 13th, 2014 was our assembly in Georgetown, and it was fantastic.  As others may tell you, assemblies in Guyana always feel like mini-international conventions, since  it’s not uncommon to meet people from England, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, other parts of the USA.   I absolutely love the diversity found in Guyana.  This weekend, I met a sister from Poland, and was pleased to meet a small representation from Alaska!

Jordan, Kurt, and Elliot

Jordan, Kurt, and Elliot


Jordan and her husband Kurt hail from Fairbanks, AK and came to Guyana this January for a 6-month adventure.  They are serving in remote, jungular, accesible-only-by-prop-plane Mabaruma, near Venezuela’s border.  Elliot, in the snazzy blue bow tie, has joined them for a few months as well.  We had a great time hearing about their studies & experiences and wish them all the best for their remaining journey!



Managed to catch a candid of this cool couple…



My dear Monique – another sister from Bartica – and I were able to catch up and copy off each others’ notes during the program.



Of course, OF COURSE!  the highlight of the whole two-day program was the baptism.  To my great and continually swelling joy, Patrina was baptized.  Now those of you who have read this blog before have read about Patrina’s first day in service,  and her first talk on the school; and now, I am happy to report that Patrina is our sister, having reached her long-time goal of becoming one of Jehovah’s Witnesses!  We thought about Patrina’s Mom, who passed away 3 years ago but always encouraged her to study the Bible and get baptized.   Patrina’s spiritual journey was momentous and hard-fought, and  both she and I will always remember this glorious, most important day.

Roman's student David

Roman’s student David

David was also baptized on Saturday.  He and Roman studied regularly for about a year, and despite challenges, David progressed steadily.  His Mom, Joy, was there along with 2 of his sisters, and they along with our entire congregation are very excited about this new addition to the fam.  Interestingly, one of our local elders, Floyd, carried out his customary assignment of assisting in the baptism pool, earning him the affectionate title of Floyd the Baptizer!




Patrina and her daughter, Treanna, smiling pretty!


Patrina’s son, Ben – super-duper-happy as usual!

Two new members of our congregation, awesome talks given by Branch Committee members and other seasoned speakers, meeting new friends and enjoying the breeziest, coolest assembly to date made this past weekend very memorable!

“…celebrate the festival to Jehovah your God…Jehovah your God will bless you… and you must become nothing but joyful.” -Deuteronomy 16:15

The Memorial Invite Campaign



Our Memorial Invitation work is reaching its climax with only days left until the Memorial on April 14th.  And we have been all over Bartica during this campaign!

We've scoped out jungles

We’ve scoped out jungles


We've traversed sun-drenched yards

We’ve traversed sun-drenched yards


We've invited everyone - even the naked babies

We’ve talked to everyone - even the naked babies!




A highlight of this campaign has been working with new publisher Natasha and her 4-year-old daughter, Jamella.  Natasha became a publisher about 3 weeks ago, just as the campaign was kicking off, and she’s been out in service almost every day since!  She told me, “I don’t want to miss a thing during the invitation work, so I’ll be out a lot!”

And she has been a true foot soldier, walking so quickly that I struggle to catch up.   She has no problem speaking to neighbors, nor does Jamella.  They are a dynamic duo and we love their zeal!



Another dynamic duo: Rawl and Samantha!  Samantha has wowed everyone with her energy and endurance despite her very pregnant belly.  Looking forward to meeting BabyVanKennick very soon!


Olivia and I ride the bus out of 4 mile

Olivia and I ride the bus out of 4 mile

Long mornings in the sun are best coupled with lazy afternoons in the hammock, and that was my dwelling of choice just the other day.  A book and a nice glass of Swank were my cozy companions for a few hours, and the time I spent lounging was…lovely. ♥



A Voyage to the Interior – Kaieteur!

Kaiteuer 109

Majestic, unspoiled, purely Amazonian and a short prop-plane ride away from the capital Georgetown, Kaieteur Falls is the must-see interior destination in Guyana.

And I’m still reliving the splendor of being there in person, thanks to Amber‘s insistence and some very spontaneous adventure planning!

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Highlights: 3 weeks with my Besty!



If you’ve ever traveled or lived abroad, saw amazing things and met extraordinary people, chances are you’ve thought to yourself, “I so wish my best friend could see this!”

That, everyone, is a precise summary of the (awesome) last 3 weeks of my life.  For about 2 years, almost every conversation I’ve had with Amber was punctuated with inquiries about when she would come and visit.  And earlier this month, it all came together when she and my Mom buddied up to fly down and spend an exotic, momentous semi-sabbatical here in Guyana!  You’ve already read about my adventures with the Mothership, now here are the highlights from Sarah and Amber’s 3 weeks in Guyana!

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Highlights: 2 Weeks in Bartica with My Mom




Time moves at its own pace here in South America.  When it’s hot as blazes and you’re waiting for a bus while ants bite your feet, time moves like molasses.  When you’re spending time drinking coffee and Turmeric Tea with people you ♥, there’s never enough.  And so two weeks in Bartica with my Mom flew by before we could say, “More tea, please”.  But the passage of time was not without purpose or delight.  Here are the highlights from her South American Adventure!


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