Sholanna, Shearjeshub, and Ethan

Group hug: Sholanna, Shearjeshub, and Ethan

Our one-day assembly was this past Saturday, so we sped  off in a speedboat to the National Park in Georgetown.  We arrived in the capital early, which meant…

Outside Oasis

Breakfast at Oasis! Orders for French toast, pancakes, and saltfish & bake were placed.  Coffee was served.  Air-conditioning was soaked up,  peace and happiness abounded.  We  spent some time reading, studying, and catching up on emails until our friends Kevin and Shellon, who invited us to stay at their home, arranged a pick-up for our crew.

Below are some pics from the assembly:

Paulo and Gloria

Paulo and Gloria, the dynamic Brazilian duo from our hall.

Sholanna grins manically beside Leah and Joy

Sholanna practices facial contortion beside Leah and Joy.

Latoya and her cousin Andrea

Latoya and her cousin Andrea from Plaisance.

Roman and Nicole

Roman and Nicole meet to discuss a recent field service experience.

Bj and Fe pose with poise.  You don't even have to say smile to these guys.  Just point the camera at them and they morph into models.

Bj and Felicia offer pre-program smiles.

Myself, Angie, and Sholanna who seems to find her way into almost every picture.

Myself, Angie, and Sholanna (who finds her way into every picture…)  🙂

Attendance was about 1200, 5 were baptized, and we were able to get a feel for our new C.O., Shannon Rainey, who hails from the US of A.  We’ll have a visit from him in December, at which point our Hall should be finished…!